Let Go of Anxiety and Embrace Balance

Discover the healing properties of tiger eye beads in Killeen, TX

The stresses of life can sometimes be overwhelming. To relieve anxiety and promote balance, many people around the world wear jewelry made from tiger eye beads. These gorgeous beads are not only meant to help the wearer find inner peace-they're also exceptionally trendy and can complement any wardrobe. When you're ready to embrace your inner balance, order custom tiger eye jewelry from Aura Xaymaca of Killeen, TX.

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Jewelry as unique as the person who wears it

At Aura Xaymaca, you'll find exquisite custom necklaces, bracelets and earrings in a wide variety of colors designed to suit your personal style. Our expert jewelry maker is here to help you find the right tiger eye jewelry to accent your appearance and bring you inner peace.

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What can you expect from Aura Xaymaca?

When you're looking for expertly crafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry items, turn to an artist who's:


Our owner has over two decades of experience in welding and machining, which has prepared her to make finely crafted jewelry.


Our artist can answer all of your questions about healing beads and their properties.


We understand the importance of finding exactly the right piece, so we'll work hard to create jewelry you'll love.

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